Hi all!

Tom Schaefer (TK-118) of the MidWest Garrison has invited us to join them at their 15th Bartlett parade 4th of July celebration.


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Here is the main post information:

My Original post disappeared.. So I am holding this place dor all the details!

It will be on Sunday July 2nd 2017

AND IS OUR 15th consecutive appearance at this event !!!

I hope to make this out BIGGEST yet.. So I will need a ton of help! I need Lead people for different areas So PLEASE feel free to Help out!
Each lead will be the contact person and will manage that part of this event

I WAS planning on a give away.... But with cost of the pork Im having catered, looks like it will be more of a Available for purchase thing. I will still cover some of the cost.. So price willbe VERY VERY reasonable LIke $ 1.00 ...YES ONE DOLLAR !!!... But I will only have a limited number... So it will be limited to 1 per person and first come first serve! Available AFTER the parade

Deathstar -- TARG - ??
Marshmallows - Tom TK118
Food - Tom, Andy & Robert ?,
Grills -
Tents -Tom, Targ,
Costume Registration -
Shuttling - James N, Flyinskirl,
Recruiting ( contacting inviting other garrisons and bases) -
Vehicles - Ted R. Mauler, Darrel with trailer, Targ with trailer and Death Star, Whinter Med Vehicle, Jeff Lee -Marshmallow hauling truck ? (Jeff B - Jeep - Maybe..Checking )
Artist ( need logo ) Spanos !
Give Away for us ! - TK118
Photos and Video -
Media ( contact newspapers, TV ect) -
Droids -

THE DETAILS ! ! ! ! !

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! 501st, MWG, Rebel Legion, Jedis, Chicago Force, Mando Merks
If you want to troop, come join us, The more people the more fun it is

LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING MANY NEW FACES this year to add to all of us who have done this many times before.


Date: Sunday July 2rd 2017 -More details as I get them
Time: PLEASE have your armor unloaded at staging area and drive your car to the parking at end of parade route BEFORE 11:30am.
Staging Area : North Berteau Avenue: Position #1
Parking area - 800 S. Bartlett Road Bartlett, IL 60103 By our usual camp.

Our staging area .....

"Here is the street where you will be lining up and your line up number. Your street is North Berteau and your line up number is 1."

This Years line up ....
Mcquarrie Costumes
Tuskens /Jawas
Mandalorian Mashups
Mandos Merks


The costumes below we only want one of... SO talk to our Costume Registration Lead ( TBD )
Vader- - Hitman
Maul- -
Kylo- - Nickofitail
Jyn - Ladysolo14

Anyone want to bring droids? -

Vehicles in Parade...

Mallow haler - Jeff?
First aid Car -Whinter
Sound cars - Ted and Targ
Marshmallow bag fillers - ???
Banners - Targ- 501st flag,Tom- Imp Flag,
Truck pulling Death Star - Tark Mathews?

Tents- Tom,Targ

ANYONE HAVE A MEGAPHONE Or do either sound car have a microphone ?

Base camp watchers -
Marshmallow carriers -
Marshmallow handlers - ?????
Shuttle Drivers - REALLY NEED HELP THIS YEAR Cathy's truck and my Blazer are gone

Tables -Tom (2) ,
Canvas bags for mashmallows -Tom ,

Photos - ,

Everyone should be in costume and ready by 12:30 so we can take a nice big group shot of all of us before we start the parade. We all know NONE of us will want to to the photo after! LOL

Cathy and I will be buying small bottles of water for the parade... If anyone can bring a cooler or two with ice so we can keep the water in the first aid car cool, that would be a big help.

ANY VEHICLES IN PARADE MUST BE DECORATED IN RED WHITE AND BLUE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Flags Bows Streamers whatever, but this is their rule so we must follow it!

Don't forget everyone .. Its Bring your own food and drink If all goes well I will be paying for a pork and Ears of corn for us this year! ! And hopefully Robert Hamelton will be returning this year
with some food and cook duty. WE WILL NEED GRILLS! ! Can anyone help out ?

There WILL BE shuttling from parking to parade start !
SO head to parade staging area, Unload costumes (MWG members will be there to keep an eye on things) Load your tote back into your car and drive to parking area at end of parade route
Shuttles will pic you up there and shuttle you back to parade staging area.
PLEASE have your armor ONLY ( NO TOTES) unloaded at staging area and drive your car to the parking at end of parade route BEFORE 11:30am.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my place of employment for once again coming through and donating marshmallows for us again this year! ( yes I got more! )
Over the last 14 years Doumak has donated OVER 20,000 bags of marshmallows! Thats almost 10 tons! thats WAY over a MILLION marshmallows!

REMEMBER WE NEED TO BE BACK AT STAGING BY 11:30 AT VERY LATEST! before they close the road for parade. so PLEASE plan ahead. arrive early to get your costume out, car and tub to parking so we have time to get back to staging in time.

I hope to be at our tent area to set up tents and bring marshmallows to staging area by 7:00 Anyone who can come early to help Please do so.
Is there anyone who can get to staging area early so we have someone there to watch marshmallows till others get there?

I believe the plan is this year to unload the mallows from the boxes into totes and into the mallow transport,
. This will save time and make things a lot easier to pass out the mallows. But I do not have enough totes ... If anyone has some of those nice cloth reusable totes from the stores, Please bring them.

Staging starts at 11am. But We will be at the staging area we are always at. I usually get there early like at 10am to deliver the mallows and start shuttling people back from car drop off point.

The last 3 years the Bartlett Lions have given us a donation for our participation and I have given that donation to "The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation" during the Motorcycle ride they hosted.... Well they have moved the ride to Lake Geneva WI. and I can not make that ride... So this year I will be using any donation they give us for my yearly St Bauldricks Mahawk

Base camp! !
Remember to bring chairs, food, Bug Spray, drinks, IDs if you want to get beer, Sunblock,